Gilbert Synergie V2 Sevens Match Ball

The Gilbert Synergie V2 Match Rugby Ball is designed specifically for Sevens Rugby.

Speed & Agility Rugby 7's Starter Pack

Get 7's quick real fast with this customised speed and agility 7's training pack. The best speed, agility and power training programme you will find.

Complete Speed Pack for Rugby 7's

Maximise speed, explosive power and agility with our premium rugby 7's pack! Custom designed for the very best in field based preparation.

XLR8 Mini Hurdles 30cm Set of 6

The original and still the best quality hurdle on the market. Designed in New Zealand, over 100,000 sold worldwide.

XLR8 Evasion Belt

Unmatched for one on one evasive speed and agility training. The leader tries to lose the chaser using explosive speed and footwork direction change.

XLR8 Agility Cross Ladder

This innovative XLR8 Agility Cross Ladde will literally add hundreds of new and challenging running patterns to your training armory.

XLR8 Multi-Coloured Fastfoot Ladder

Fire up your footspeed with the Multi-coloured Fastfoot Ladder. The original and still the best.

XLR8 Quicken Mini Hurdles 30cm

High quality 30cm Mini Hurdles. An essential item for all levels of rugby conditioning.

XLR8 3m Mini Slingshot Overspeed Trainer

The fastest way to tune up your nervous system and get rapid and sensational improvements in straight line speed and agility.

Guide to Understanding Sevens Rugby eBook

Rugby coaching eBooks are in hot demand. No delivery delays, lower prices, share the book with others and quickly access from any device. See help tab below for more about eBook downloads.

R80 Marker Cone Set 22cm

Set of 10 popular 22cm R80 witches hat cones.

Pro Reversible Training Bib

Two bibs sewn together for extra toughness.

R80 Weighted Rugby Ball

1.1kg weighted rugby ball perfect for rugby specific strengthening of key passing and throwing skills.

Great Catch

The Great Catch is the only catching and passing training aid that will guarantee the development of ‘Soft Hands’ and better catch/pass technique.

R80 Curved Hit Shield

Our most popular hit shield! The ease of handling, extreme portability and thick foam density make this design suitable for all levels.

R80 Full Length Reversible Tackle Suit

Constructed from highly durable water and tear resistant nylon.

Hand Held Coaching Board

Framed whiteboard with rugby field layout.

Speed Training for Rugby eBook

Complete speed and agility guide stacked full of drills and session plans guaranteed to develop rugby speed, agility and power.
Free Resources

XLR8 50cm Plyo Hurdle Set

High quality 50cm (20") XLR8 Plyo Hurdles.

XLR8 Pro Power Sled

Explosive speed, gut busting power, endurance and strength all in one power packed training tool. Designed to be weighted with Strength Bags or weight plates.

Gilbert Zenon V2 Sevens Trainer

Zenon V2 Sevens trainer is made of Hydratec. Meaning technical fabrics and waterproof laminations are combined to enhance the life and performance of the ball.

Rugby Defender Man

Portable training aid designed to create a realistic defender for a wide range of rugby specific skills. Great for:

Freelap ProCoach BLE 112

Instant times at the coaches fingertips. Wireless, accurate, easy to set up and use, versatile, expandable, compact, and portable.

Pro Defender Man

Heavier duty construction PVC rigid Defender Man. Strong base with four steel spikes for easy ground insertion.

Freelap ProCoach BLE 424

Freelap ProCoach BLE 424 is a larger package allowing for larger numbers to be tested and / or more split times to be recorded than possible with the Freelap ProCoach BLE 112.

Premier Pro 7s Bundle

The ultimate high performance custom design playing strip with bonus singlet. Save 10% by buying as a full strip.

Inflatable Ice Bath Solo

The Inflatable Ice Bath is the only true portable Ice Bath used to aid recovery after training and competitions.

Inflatable Ice Bath

The Inflatable Ice Bath is the only true portable Ice Bath used to aid recovery after training and competitions.

Rechargeable Air Pump

Rechargeable Air Pump for to quickly inflate portable ice baths.

Locker Room Stretch Band

The best quality and most popular stretching strap on the market.