Rugby Specific Gear

    R80 Poles & Cross Bar Set of 3

    Highly effective body position training system.

    R80 Poles & Cross Bar Set

    Highly effective body position training system.

    R80 Pure Power Trainer

    Designed with rugby power in mind! Develops strength, power, specific technique and core strength.

    Wresting & Tackle Mat

    Great way to reduce impact when practicing wresting and tackling training.

    R80 Recall Coloured Rugby Ball Skill Set

    Coloured rugby balls are excellent for decision making, response and recall drills.

    R80 Turtle High Ball Catch Pad

    Must have for high ball catching practice.
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    XLR8 Power Jumper

    Get the explosive power you need to jump higher in the lineouts, take the high balls and improve speed.

    R80 Weighted Rugby Ball

    1.1kg weighted rugby ball perfect for rugby specific strengthening of key passing and throwing skills.

    R80 Hit Hard Scrum Trainer

    Guaranteed to improve scrum hitting power, bio-mechanical technique and player safety.

    R80 Aerial Supports

    Aerial supports™ are a revolutionary rugby union specific product, designed to assist in the safe and efficient support of jumpers in lineouts and kickoff restarts.

    3 in 1 Lineout Training Box

    Platforms are excellent for high volume throwing accuracy practice without the need for lifters.

    Precision Lineout Throwing Target Ball

    Excellent timing, targeting and accuracy practice for hookers. Develops the key skill of throwing into space.

    Dominant Contact DC200

    The very latest evolution in contact training equipment.

    R80 Recoil Ball

    Passing accuracy and catching practice, anywhere there is a wall!

    Force Hook Contact Shield

    The Force Contact Shield is multi- purpose tackling and breakdown training piece of kit.

    R80 Poles & Cross Bar Hard Surface Set

    Highly effective body position training system. Base system is designed for hard surfaces where spike poles are not an option.

    Strength Band Rugby Speed, Agility and Power Pack

    Strength Bands are an ideal rugby conditioning tool. Light-weight, portable and low cost. The latest in functional rugby training.

    Weighted Body Mover Breakdown Bag 30kg

    The latest training tool in the battle of the rugby breakdown.

    Pure Power Multi Harness

    Multiple use power harness made in New Zealand from the most durable materials.

    Strength Band Connector with Grip Strap

    Open up a whole new world or mini band resistance loading and conditioning options.

    Strength Band Team Conditioning Pack

    Strength Bands are a modern rugby conditioning tool. Light weight, portable and low cost. Use indoor or out. .

    Breakdown Dead Ball 6kg

    Excellent for training a strong over the ball body position, grabbing and ball security strength when competing for those all important turnovers.

    Breakdown Dead Ball 9kg

    Excellent for training a strong over the ball body position, grabbing and ball security strength when competing for those all important turnovers.

    Pure Power Trainer Pro System

    Our best selling power training tool has just got better!

    Pure Power Trainer Pro Squad Training Pack

    This new squad pack allows coaches or trainers to run team or forward pack training sessions with at least 8 players.

    Breakdown Training Pack

    Specific targeted modern breakdown training. Focuses on body position, skill, entry power and ball winning ability with a selection of our most popular training tools.

    Breakdown Training Pro Pack

    This Pro Pack adds the DC200, Weighted Torso Bag and another Half Tackle Bag for more advanced breakdown training. It also allows for more intense training with multiple breakdowns.

    R80 Poles & Cross Bar Pod Set

    The Pod system includes two 1.3m cross bars giving coaches a much wider breakdown area of up to 2.5m.

    Rugby Defender Man

    Portable training aid designed to create a realistic defender for a wide range of rugby specific skills. Great for:

    XLR8 Agility Pole Base

    Heavy duty stable base designed to hold spiked agility poles for indoor or artificial surface drills.

    R80 Lineout Master

    Portable and height adjustable lineout training platform. A new innovation from our engineering team and must have tool for clubs and travelling teams.