Catch Pass & Defence

    R80 Rugby Power Kick Trainer

    Specifically allows players and coaches to accurately overload kicking skills.

    R80 Rugby Power Pass Trainer

    Quick passing and accuracy training all in one!

    Great Catch

    The Great Catch is the only catching and passing training aid that will guarantee the development of ‘Soft Hands’ and better catch/pass technique.

    R80 Perfect Pass Trainer

    Develop hands up fast hands and excellent passing accuracy.

    R80 Recoil Ball

    Passing accuracy and catching practice, anywhere there is a wall!

    Skill-Tec Rugby Ball Kit

    The ultimate training partner for rugby skill development!

    R80 Weighted Rugby Ball

    1.1kg weighted rugby ball perfect for rugby specific strengthening of key passing and throwing skills.

    R80 Recall Coloured Rugby Ball Skill Set

    Coloured rugby balls are excellent for decision making, response and recall drills.

    XLR8 Large Reaction Ball

    Hand Speed, Foot Speed Reactive Speed-Track the ball if you can.

    R80 Tennis Balls

    An excellent and simple coaching too to develop good technique for key rugby skills.

    Defensive Line Belts

    Excellent tool for all levels targeting line speed, defensive alignment and working as a unit.

    Rugby Defender Man

    Portable training aid designed to create a realistic defender for a wide range of rugby specific skills. Great for:

    R80 Turtle High Ball Catch Pad

    Must have for high ball catching practice.