USL Sports Warm Up 2kg

    To be applied pre-game.

    USL Sports Liniment 2Lt

    To be applied pre-game

    USL Sports Lube 2kg

    Pre-game Petroleum based application.

    USL Wrap n' Ice

    Easy and effective reusable way of applying ice and compression therapy to an injured area.

    Flexipac Re-usable Icepack (13cm x 25cm)

    Offers maximum convenience.

    Flexipac Re-usable Icepack (20cm x 36cm)

    Offers maximum convenience.

    Comprehensive First Aid Kit

    A comprehensive first aid kit designed for general purpose with the sports team, home, car and even the workplace.

    Locker Room Stretch Band

    The best quality and most popular stretching strap on the market.

    Sport Massage Table

    Fold up portable, adjustable massage table.

    Folding Pole Stretcher

    This stretcher represents exceptional value.

    Spiky Massage Ball 10cm

    Very popular and effective muscle recovery tool.

    Sport Cold Spray 200ml

    Instantly Cools the skin surface to relieve the pain and discomfort of impact related injuries.

    USL Sport Rehab Rub 450 gms

    Ideal for any type of restorative treatment.

    USL Sport Rehab Hot 450gms

    Revives aching, fatigued muscles and soft tissue sprains and strains.

    USL Sport Massage Oil 100mls

    General massage oil for use pre and post game.

    Deep Heat 100gms

    Deep Heat Regular Relief is designed to provide fast temporary pain relief of muscular aches and strains.

    Cold Ice 'N' Easy

    ICE'N'EASY provides an effective and safe way to treat sports injuries.

    Sport Ice Wrap with Handle

    Stretch film is a quick sideline way to apply cold therapy.

    USL Sport Hip Bag

    A specially designed water-resistant bag to make accessing your on field first aid products effectively.

    USL Sport Medicine Start Up

    A start up kit designed for a sports team, sports trainer or physiotherapist.

    USL Sport Medicine Kit Junior

    A sports medicine kit designed for use on the sideline at junior grade levels.

    USL Comprehensive First Aid Kit 5 Litre - Plastic

    A comprehensive first aid kit designed for general sports purpose assembled in a durable plastic container.

    USL All Purpose First Aid Kit 2 Litre - Plastic

    A first aid kit designed for general purpose with the sports team. Assembled in a durable plastic container.

    Sport Premium Kinesiology Tex Tape

    USL Sport Premium has replaced the 3NS Tex only in name not quality.