Recoverite Women's Ice Compression Calf Sleeves Kit

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Recoverite sportswear products founded on the basic need for an easy way to ice key muscle groups after training and competition.

  • Latest sports technology for post recovery compression, cold therapy and comfort.
  • Combining a high quality compression garment with custom slim line ice-packs inserts for comfort and ease of movement for icing or heating on the go.
  • Scientifically designed ‘SuperTube1.0’ compression technology using state of the art manufacturing technology and the highest quality fabric and flat stitch to ensure high grade compression.
  • Recoverite ice compression systems are made from the highest quality compression materials based on scientific research and expert design from industry experts.
  • Calf kit has 4 pockets – lower front and lower back on both legs.
  • Ice pocket placement system ensures maximum durability, muscle and ice-pack stability and comfort, and oxygen return for the optimal ice-compression recovery.
  • Slim line Series ‘ClayFlex™’ for custom fit, targeted muscle icing, for icing on the go. No bulky blocks of ice just streamline muscle hugging, contoured clay mouldable icing comfort.
  • Includes 1 x Calf Sleeves, 2 x lower leg ClayFlex gel packs, Carry Case.

Additional Information

Manage your own recovery using well established sports science practices.
Maximize performance by reducing Exercise Induced Muscle Damage (EIMD) through removal of toxins and muscle congestion caused by strenuous exercise.
Prevent soft tissue injuries and general wear and tear by putting your body 'on ice'.
Reduce swelling and inflammation from soft tissue injuries and bumps and knocks in contact sports.

8x pocket placement system that positions the ClayFlex™ gel packs for fast recovery from EIMD* and Muscle Trauma caused by strenuous exercise. *EIMD: Exercise-induced muscle damage.

Recoverite compression garments are made using state of the art manufacturing technology and materials to ensure maximum compression.

Perfect fit waste band with non-slip grip.  Unique blend of compression materials.

The ClayFlex™ gel composition is also scientifically designed for dual use heat application, which means the recovery system can be used for hot / cold therapy. Train, race and play hard Slip on the pants Slide in the ClayFlex™ gel sports packs.


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