XLR8 6m Slingshot Overspeed Trainer

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The fastest way to improve speed with safety.

  • The fastest way to tune up your nervous system and get rapid and sensational improvements in straight line speed.
  • Excellent for improving leg speed and reactive strength which shortens ground contact time, a crucial factor in speed development.
  • The flexicord propels the back runner through with lightening assisted overspeed.
  • A nylon protective sleeve that securely wraps the flexicord to contain the rubber in the unlikely event of breakage. This ensures your total safety and accuracy whilst training.
  • Super safe waistbelt system including a backup velcro anchor to guarantee a secure fit.
  • Includes 2 x Waist Belts, 1 × 6m (20ft) Flexicord with protective cover.

Only our Overspeed Trainers are supplied with a Free programme for the most effective training.

  • Bonus Free Overspeed and Loaded Agility Video Download.
  • Bonus Free Overspeed Trainer programme ebook.
  • Online videos and ebooks are loaded to a personal library at the time of purchase for immediate viewing. Simply select My Digital Resources from the menu drop down to watch the drills.

Instruction Guides

What is Overspeed?

Overspeed is the term used to describe assisted sprinting techniques that use an external device to force your body into sprinting speeds that are faster than your unassisted top speed. Over speed is the most effective means of getting fast in a short period of time.

The Slingshot Overspeed Trainer pulls you 10-15% faster than top speed sprinting. The rubber flexicord pulls you through at a faster running speed and forces your nervous system to fire at unbelievable speeds. Muscle memory means your body remembers the faster firing rate, which leads to an increase in unassisted speed on the sports field. 

Areas that Overspeed training will improve: 

  • Leg speed/Stride rate - The speed that you reload and recover your leg for the next stride. This is crucial to speed development.
  • Technique - Inefficient technique is made to feel awkward when sprinting at overspeed and poor habits are easily felt as you run.
  • Confidence - The confidence to burst through your speed barriers and feel what it is like to run “real” fast will give you greater confidence and speed when competing in your sport.
  • Reactive Strength - Because you are being pulled forward reactive strength or “more force in  less time” is improved which is excellent in limiting foot ground contact time. This lessens the braking forces at ground contact and keeps you moving faster. World-class sprinters spend much less time on the ground with each step than slower sprinters.
Set Up:

  • Place the waist belt on securely around your waist.
  • Attach the flexicord to the D-Ring on your waist belt. Have your partner do the same.
  • Have your partner walk forward so that the flexicord is off the ground and semi parallel to the ground. This is your starting position.
  • Your partner (who is in front of you) then takes a number of steps forward which stretches the rubber. The greater the steps the greater the assistance and the faster you will run. Never stretch the flexicord more than 12 large steps. 8 to 10 steps are recommended as a starting point.
  • Have your partner turn and face you and stand stationary.
  • On their command take off and sprint, the length of the stretch will determine the distance you run. As you get close to your partner have them pull the flexicord away from you so you do not run over the top of the flexicord as the load is taken off.
  • You will have to spend your first workout identifying the number of steps of stretch that is best for you. For example if your partner places the flexicord under a 8 step load and you feel you are running too fast and over striding instruct them to start you from only 6 steps. As you gain experience with over speed training you will be able to increase the stretch you are working with.

You can achieve longer overspeed sprints if your partner also runs forward instead of standing still. This keeps the stretch on the rubber for longer and enables you to have a longer overspeed sprint. This is recommended.
General Guidelines:

  • Never complete overspeed if the players are fatigued and always complete overspeed first in a training session.
  • Distances: 10-50m.
  • Repetitions: 5-6.
  • Rest periods: Full Recovery.
  • Volume 2 sessions each week depending on the stage of the year and time spent on other training components.
  • Rest periods should be long enough to ensure near full recovery between repetitions if speed development is to be maximised.
Always train with:

  • Good body lean.
  • Powerful drive.
  • Aggressive arms.
  • Maximum effort

A full Instruction Guide will be added to your resource center for viewing with your purchase.

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